Duct Cleaning Press Release

VANCOUVER, BC – November 7, 2014 – For Ductdudes Ltd Company, business is really holding strong, with sales up to 15 percent over the last year. Wanting to shake things up and give its loyal customers a break in tough times, the trusted and most reliable duct cleaning company has announced the expansion of their service to North Vancouver area.

For a company that specializes in duct cleaning to remove the increasing dirt and other harmful elements that amass inside the air ducts of customers home’s cooling or heating system, that’s quite a great expansion. “This is a significant expansion,” said DuctDudes Owner Jason Williams. “Depending on the extent of the dust, cleaning can account for up to 20% of the total cost. We already offer the best service in the world on duct cleaning. Now, with this expansion, we are able to serve our loyal customers here in North Vancouver as well.”

Duct cleaning service is increasingly becoming the choice of consumers for both home cooling and heating system. For those who want to have a home with tidy system, duct cleaning is the preferred choice.

According to Jason Williams, “We offer the best of Duct Cleaning services and every customer we serve do attest to the brilliant job carried out. We don’t just consider ourselves as the best and most efficient cleaning company, our raving reviews on HomeStars says it all.”

Mary-Jean Butler from West Vancouver one of the customers of Ductdudes has this to say, “Jason, the owner of Duct Dudes Duct Cleaning did an outstanding job cleaning our dryer duct. This was quite a project, requiring major effort on his part to clear an obstruction that other companies had given up on. He was professional and a pleasure to be around.”

Ductdudes is Canada’s duct cleaning company, offering the greatest cleaning service in the world. As an owner operated business in Vancouver area, your cleaning project is handled by well skilled technicians, certified and licensed to work with and has a passion in the service they offer.